Hormone Optimization

Hormone Optimization

If your hormones are on the decline or out of balance, you can experience a range of negative problems like sleep disturbances, weight gain, mood swings, hot flashes, and low sex drive. It’s important to know that this is a natural process. Everyone produces lower levels of hormones like estrogen, progesterone, growth hormone, and testosterone as they grow older.

Typically, something isn’t working properly with your endocrine system, where your hormones are produced. Dr. Kirk and her team of skilled Nurse Practitioners address those underlying issues helping your body get back to optimal hormone production or simply replacing what it is no longer producing. When your hormones are in proper balance through functional medicine therapies like nutritional counseling, IV therapy, sleep improvements, and detoxification, it’s likely you will see rapid improvements.

Service Overview

What can you expect in the office: lab testing during your elite physical will highlight areas of concern. Once this is complete you will follow up with your provider to discuss the best course of treatment.

Your team at Brazos Integrative Medicine optimizes your hormones with one goal in mind: to give you the highest quality of life possible. In addition to helping you look and feel your best, when your hormones are balanced and working properly, you have the best chance of defending against certain diseases. Balancing hormones also is a critical factor in your ability to lose excess fat and build and maintain lean muscle mass.

Since Brazos Integrative Medicine is a functional medicine practice, your provider treats your hormone imbalance from a whole-body approach. There is a root cause for everything happening with your health, so our team conducts a comprehensive battery of tests to determine what’s causing your symptoms, condition, illness, or disease.

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